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Cleaning the parts therefore is a meticulous, time-consuming and dirty part-task. Or isn’t it?

“Naturally, I performed the first test. Rather cruelly, I started cleaning the suction suck of a petrol injection engine filthy with coke, usually a useless exercise since we normally scratch this kind of dirt off with a knife.[…] This was the moment when something clicked between me and Torrent 500. It removed the coke.”[…]

„The sludge on the suction pipes of Diesel engines, EGR valves or cylinder heads meant no challenge for the equipment. I’m not saying that now I will walk around our continent, drawing the logo of the machine in the sand with a stick, but I have become a believer.”[…]

„In the following weeks I realised that it was humming without a break. Practically, the only thing we did not wash with was our teeth. When we received it I did not understand why they said that we would get to like it but I have realised since then. To sum it up: we managed to solve a cardinal issue. The above-mentioned suction pipes with all the coke on them become clean within minutes instead of hours and we can use the time saved on the actual work. This is really important economically. Still, I would not say this is its best feature; that prize should go to its perfect quality cleaning“[…]

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